Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Sometimes I want to be alone get in touch with my spiritual side
Meet my goals and planning half way for a better tomorrow
I don’t care if you throw your hypocritical cuss verses behind my back
Your cuss verses give me fuel to burn inside me

When I’m alone in a room don’t come and ask me I’m okay
Because that will be detrimental to my thoughts your entry will take away the thought
That I had before you knocked the thought that would have been an idea
An idea that would have been profitable in the long run

And for removing my thought I’ll despise you eternally
So next time I’m alone in a room don’t disturb my creative thinking
Because at the point of your entry my thoughts would be scattered
Like a broken glass

And I’ll throw cuss verses not behind your back but at your face

By Samuel mothegi mogane

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